Casualties in Sierra Leone Mudslide rise over 500

Over 500 dead bodies have been found and buried in the aftermath of Sierra Leone’s mudslides.

A report from The Associated Press confirmed that churches around the country held special services on Sunday in honor of all flood victims.

Authorities and hospital staff say the death toll will likely increase, AP adds. Over 600 persons are still missing and rescue officials have warned that each passing hour limits their chances of survival.

Earlier reports said 450 persons died in the catastrophic natural event.

The Inter-Religious Council called for the services to be held Sunday in honor of the deceased, as special prayers and recitals were offered in mosques Friday and Sunday.

The preacher at Buxton Memorial Methodist Church in Freetown, the capital, offered a sermon that looked at mankind’s contribution to the disaster, as a gospel band rendered the song “Papa God Sorry for Salone (Sierra Leone).”

Large-scale-burials have taken place all this week amid rainy weather that threatened further mudslides.

The government of the impoverished West African nation in recent days has warned residents to evacuate a mountainside where a large crack has opened. Thousands of people live in areas at risk and the main focus is making sure they leave before further disaster, authorities have told local media.

There’s no clean water for citizens in the affected area. However, Aid groups are reportedly providing clean water ahead of the looming health crisis.

“Water sources have been contaminated” and “officials fear for an outbreak of waterborne diseases,” said Saidu Kanu, country director for World Hope International.

Authorities said foreign aid from the rest of the world is being sent to Freetown.

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