Brits want Barack Obama as U.K. Prime Minister

The incumbent U.S. President, Barack Obama, has done his time and played his cards perfectly well as the first Black President.

With Donald Trump waiting impatiently as the president-elect, and the U.K. High Court’s decision that parliament must vote to trigger Brexit’s Article 50, Brits are making a mouth-watering proposal to Mr. President.

According to a report from Elle magazine, Obama looks like the estranged messiah who is destined to bring hope amid the chaos surrounding U.K.’s political struggles.

The fact that Obama will be out of job and is required to move far away from the White House in a few weeks, makes it realistic that he could earn a few dollars for the U.K. political office.

Besides, the 55-year-old is well versed in U.K’s many troubles as well as has proven skills in the art of foreign policy.

To crown his long list of qualifications, Brits are considering America’s 44th president as ‘an absolute legend’ and one of the most loved men in the world.

Will it be possible for Obama to move over and seize powers from May Theresa, who is U.K.’s current Prime Minister?

This is what Brits are saying: