Britain Worried Over Iran’s Alleged Sponsorship Of Terrorism.

BEIRUT (Arab News):  “Saudi Arabia plays a key role in combating Daesh and has recently suffered several terrorist attacks targeting it and the holy cities,” said Edwin Samuell (British government’s spokesman in the Middle East and North Africa).

He said Britain, like other countries in the region, “has concerns about Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism, as well as its support for the Houthis and news that it is transferring weapons to Yemen, in contradiction of Security Council Resolution 2216.”

He pointed out: “Iran has interests that it wants to protect, but it is illegal to interfere in the internal affairs of other states or to sponsor violence in the region.”

He said the Kingdom is facing the global threat of terrorism fueled by Daesh, adding that Riyadh not only participates in coalition attacks, it is also central to international efforts to halt terror funding.

“The Kingdom works continuously to make it known that the terrorist organization does not represent Islam in any way.” Samuell said the war on terror must be fought both militarily and ideologically because terrorist organizations target the youth, recruiting them to carry out terrorist attacks and spread violence.

“We must accept that the war on terror will be long, as the viciousness of these terrorists has no limits, but we will fight his war with complete decisiveness and will succeed in the end,” said the spokesman, adding that terrorism is the product of extremist organizations that want to impose their ideas and views on the world, as well as the product of regimes such as Bashar Assad’s, which carry out vicious attacks, torture, kill, starve and displace people.

As such, these acts help attract more young people who suffer from injustice and oppression, especially in Syria.

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