Black Magic: Wallet turns to a live Snake after Pickpocket stole from a Native Doctor

An unrepentant petty thief may have found a good reason to turn from his bad ways after a stolen wallet turned into a live snake in his hands, and wouldn’t let him throw it away.

Reports confirm this nerve-chilling incident which occured in Ghana, was a big shock to both the thieft and a large number of onlookers who rushed to the spot to get a sight of the snake.

The pickpocket had carefully removed a wallet from an unidentified man who is said to be a traditional healer, without knowing his day of reckoning was near.

He was left with a deadly cobra in his hands, as a result of black magic. Worse still, he was unable to let go of the reptile.

“Every day for the thief, one day for the owner,” they always say.

According to a local news report, Adom Online, the 27-year-old criminal who was identified as Mdu, stole the wallet from Sangoma [a traditional healer].

The magician was about to take a taxi at a bus station when Mdu took a chance on him.

As soon as the criminal realized that what he thought was a successful theft had turned a threat to his life, he ran as quickly as he could to catch up with Sangoma. Unfortunately, the owner had disappeared into thin air.

He confessed his crime to a man who denied being the owner, and begged the man to accept his “wallet-turned-snake”. But there was no help from anywhere.

An eyewitness told reporters:

“He stole a wallet from an old lad, people around are just saying the old man is a Sangoma but no one knows the man around. When he snatched the wallet he went behind that billboard that’s when the wallet turned into a snake.
“Now he tracked the man and found him but the problem is the old fellow is denying his wallet, he even produced a pouch like wallet as proof to show that the snake wallet wasn’t his.
 “The snake is not biting him but its stuck in his hands he failed to throw it way, this is first grade black magic.
“The police just come after a commotion but they ignored the case, I am not sure what he is thinking right now but if the owner denies the wallet they will have to visit a popular local sangoma to cast out the spell,” he said.
A police officer at the crime scene was quoted as saying there was nothing the law could do about that.
Ghana’s Parks and Wildlife management department was called in to help with the matter.