Biden administration to increase budget on climate change

Commerce Secretary-nominee Gina Raimondo is open to raising taxes on the middle class, saying we “need funds” for President Joe Biden’s climate agenda.

RNC Research tweeted the clip of Raimondo’s comments at her nomination hearing before the Senate Commerce Committee on Tuesday.

“We do need to meet the climate change challenge, and we need funds for improved infrastructure, better roads, safer roads, safer bridges, which also creates jobs,” Raimondo told Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., when asked about Transportation Secretary-nominee Peter Buttigieg’s proposal of a gas tax to raise money for Biden administration spending initiatives.

“I would look to balance those interests and work as a piece of the president’s team.”

Rhode Island Gov. Raimondo, governor of Rhode Island, also said the U.S. will “need to invest in innovation and technology in our manufacturing sector.”

Her stated objective of “reshoring” factory jobs to the U.S. is an echo of former President Donald Trump. The number of U.S. manufacturing jobs stood at 12.3 million in December, little changed from four years earlier. Two decades ago, the figure topped 17 million.

Tapped to lead a department with wide-ranging international and domestic responsibilities, Raimondo also underlined the need for “bold” action to help America’s tourism, travel, and restaurant industries recover from the pandemic social distancing that crushed business.

Raimondo, 49, has been in public office in her home state since 2011, when she was sworn in as state treasurer. Before that, she spent more than a decade working in venture capital, including co-founding Point Judith Capital.