Bale: No Hard Feelings Between Me and Ronaldo.

Bale has dismissed rumors on the media that he and CR7 doesn’t share any love as friends, even as team-mates.

It all started in 2013 long before Bale arrived Spain from Tottenham. There were rumors that Real Madrid paid an undisclosed world-record fee to get the Welshman’s signatures and that wasn’t a great idea for Cristiano Ronaldo who at that time – and arguably until now – is the world’s best player.

Subsequently, Ronaldo made it known to the press that he doesn’t need to be friends with any of the players to achieve goals. He has broken records in Manchester United and Real Madrid; he has also set new challenges that might remain unequaled in years to come. Call him a proud person, CR7 will give you a big hug for the motivation.

One good side of the rumors regarding Bale’s enormous sign-on fee or the alleged rift between Bale and Ronaldo is, the former Tottenham striker doesn’t give a hoot.

He spoke with The Times and convincingly proved that there’s no bad blood between the two stars except on the media.

In his words: “He speaks English which helped me when I first came here.

“We also have that link from the Premier League. We get on really well. The press make a lot of things that maybe we don’t but we get on fine.

“We’ve never had a problem. I’ve never had an argument with him. He’s a very, very passionate person on the pitch, everyone knows that. He’s very determined. People sometimes seem to take that the wrong way. We haven’t had a problem.

“You definitely have to have teamwork. No one can ever do anything on their own. But you need a little bit of selfishness because that’s what you need as a front man.

“We’ve found a good balance. We’re doing well, scoring a lot of goals, and hopefully we can peak now towards the end of the season and get some trophies.”

There’s no doubt in what Bale explained. He made it crystal clear that CR7 isn’t an island though he needs that other ‘selfish’ part of him to get where he is. Well spoken, but only if the media agrees to let sleeping dogs lie.

Real Madrid will be playing Manchester City on Tuesday in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final.

Meanwhile, Bale put in a man-of-the-match performance without Ronaldo’s presence on the pitch. Real Madrid won 3-2 win against Rayo Vallecano last weekend. The Welshman scored a brace in the match after Real Madrid let in two goals early.

There’s still hope that the team can get hold of La Liga’s coveted title at the end of the season.