Bad Doctor decapitates Unborn Baby after pulling too hard during delivery

Bad doctors are everywhere – with or without qualifications.

A confirmed medical doctor in southern Thai town of Pattalung has committed serious murder though his offence remains debatable until he’s proven guilty in a law court.

A report from Daily News confirms that a pregnant 17-year-old girl who was identified only as Poo, visited an unnamed hospital in Pattalung for delivery. And during the event which occured on 26 October, the doctor allegedly pulled out her baby but without the head.

The incident may not be uncommon in medical practice but the doctor’s attitude proved suspicious.

While relatives waited nervously outside the delivery room, there was no sign or words from the hospital staff to inform them of the tragedy.

However, the doctor showed up after some time only to advise them to transfer the patient to another hospital. No explanation was offered.

It is possible that Poo must have been sedated during that evil midwifery.

The expectant mother was taken to another hospital where the doctor used a suction machine to detect that she had only the head of her baby in the womb.

According to Daily News, the first doctor had kept away the missing body, a discovery which irated the girl’s family. The truth was later revealed after Poo’s relative’s went back to the first hospital demanding answers to the mysterious incident.

A public health official was said to have proposed a compensation of 400,000 baht to the family after the baby’s head was finally delivered.

Poo’s elder sister took to Facebook to express her anger and the pain her family is going through. She says they’ve been in shock, adding that there’s no way they’ll accept cash compensation without the hospital or doctor taking responsibility for the murder.

The enraged sister claims she has received death threats for exposing the truth online. She also added that readers claim she’s telling lies against the hospital.

“Who in hell would lie about such a thing?” she questioned.

Relatives of the 17-year-old mom have reportedly visited the government’s Damrongtham watchdog group to seek justice while she’s yet to recover at the second hospital.
The report adds that this unnamed heartless doctor who was responsible for Poo’s loss, has gone on leave.

Nonetheless, Dr Thanit Sermkaek [the local health chief] has ordered an investigation into the matter.

Sermkaek says such a strange incident has never occurred at the hospital before. Poo’s baby was initially described as normal during her ante-natal check-up.

Though the baby’s torso has been retrieved and joined with the head, relatives say they won’t take the body for cremation until legal issues are sorted out to the satisfaction of all parties.