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Avalanche hits France and Germany

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A five-meter-high avalanche reached the streets of the Bavarian community of Marktschellenberg, Focus reported, citing police. Police, fire and mountain rescue services arrived at the scene. No one was hurt. A specially-trained dog was used to look through the debris.

“Until now, there was no threat of avalanches in this area, we were somewhat taken aback,” a police spokesman said.

Authorities also had to close roads and train lines because of heavy snowfall in Bavaria.

According to AP, officials say a large avalanche has slammed into a hotel in southern Germany, damaging the building but causing no injuries.

A spokeswoman for Oberallgaeu regional authorities said the hotel’s 100 guests were evacuated to other dwellings in the village of Balderschwang.

Brigitte Kloepf told The Associated Press that about 1,100 people are unable to leave Balderschwang, near the Austrian border, because of an avalanche risk on roads following days of intense snowfall.

Authorities in parts of Austria, Germany and Switzerland have warned that further snow and rainfall is raising the risk of avalanches, and increase the weight on snow-laden roofs. Dozens of people have died in avalanches or weather-related accidents across central Europe in recent days.

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