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At Least 30 Civilians Killed By ISIS While Attempting to Flee Fallujah.

Attempting to escape from ISIS-held Fallujah on Friday, dozens of civilians came under IS attack which left at least 30 people dead.

On June 10th, the IS militants opened fire on several civilian families who were trying to sneak out of Fallujah and find safety in the areas under the control of the Iraqi government, as a result, at least 30 people, mostly women and children were killed, an Iraqi military spokesperson said. He revealed that the civilians were attempting to reach the Amiriyat al-Fallujah refugee camp in the south of the city. 

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A source in Fallujah said that the IS militants told men in Fallujah that they are free to leave the city, but they are not allowed to take their families out. “If they try to do so, IS would kill them,” noted the source.

He pointed out that the IS militants have sent their own families out of Fallujah as the city is likely to be raided by the Iraqi army soon; but they prevent the civilians from leaving as they can be used as human shields to ward off the government offensives.

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