At Least 2 Dead In A Shooting At A French Primary School.

A breaking news report says at least 2 people have been killed in a shooting at a French Primary School.

police cars

The bloody event unfolded outside the Jean Racine school in the Teisseire district of Grenoble this morning, at around 10am.

Lawrence Becauywe,  the town’s Deputy Prosecutor announced the death of 2 men and an injured third. The first casualty died at the scene while the second died following fatal injuries sustained from a heart attack.


Two men are said to have died in the shooting

The incident took place on the pavement outside the school premises. Sadly, reports say the two dead men were known “unfavorably” by police.

While the shooters are still on the run, police have closed off the area and funeral directors have taken charge of the corpses. Local media reported “a very tense” atmosphere around the scene as relatives arrived.


Police believe the attack may not have any connections to terror but suspect is to be a revenge attack. The attackers are alleged to have set the car used for the operation on fire before escaping from the scene.