Ashley Cole attacked by masked robbers in his home

A masked gang has robbed the former England football star Ashley Cole at his Home Counties mansion.

Cole, 39, is thought to have been at home when thieves wearing camouflage gear and balaclavas struck in Fetcham, Surrey.

The thieves are thought to have ransacked the property and made off with high-value jewellery after forcing entry through a rear door at about 9.45pm.

7.5million mansion

The Sun said there were unconfirmed rumours that the former Arsenal and Chelsea left back was attacked and tied to a chair during the raid.

A neighbour told the newspaper: “Police seemed to be taking it extremely seriously and we’ve been on edge ever since.

“Ashley Cole is one of the most high-profile people around here and his property looks modern and secure, so whoever did this must have been clued up.

“People who know him are quite protective and it’s an area where everyone values their privacy so this has shaken us up quite a bit.

“The police didn’t name Ashley Cole when they questioned us but everyone around here knows it was his home that was targeted. It must have been terrifying.”