Apartment fire kills 4 and injures dozens in Germany

German authorities have confirmed a fire outbreak which killed at least 4 and wounded 23 persons at an apartment building.

Germany fire

According to a report from The Associated Press (AP), the incident occurred in a skyscraper which served as business premises and residence to a large number of people.

A local news outlet DPA confirmed that one person attempted jumping from the apartment in Saarbruecken, a location in western Germany, and suffered severe injuries.

The victim leaped from a rooftop in the burning building in an effort to escape death on Sunday.

German newspaper Bild reports that more than 100 firefighters and 25 police officers were on the scene trying to rescue tenants.

The fire apparently broke out on the first or second floor of the building and then quickly made its way up to higher floors.

Police say the cause for the fire isn’t yet known, and DPA reports that residents are mostly people living on public assistance.