Another World Champion Tested Positive To Meldonium.

Meldonium has become the newest performance-enhancing drug in the world of sports now.

In the past few days we have heard about two Russians – most prominent of the two being Maria Sharapova – who has been banned from the sport for failing a doping test. In a similar event, another professional athlete who is also the 1500 Meters World Champion has joined the growing list.


Abeba Aregawi is now the latest athlete to test positive for Meldonium

The Chairman of the Swedish Athletic Association Toralf Nilsson commented:

“The first time I saw the result of the B test was through a tweet. The Swedish television had got the information in Lausanne directly from Jos Hermens. At that time the Swedish Athletic Association was still not been informed by IOF which Stefan (Olsson, General Secretary) explained earlier today. As 99 point whatever per cent of all B tests show the same as the A test I was not surprised at the result of the B test.”

As confirmed from Doctor Sverker Nilsson, it is very unfortunate that Aregawi’s stature as a world champion will not protect her from sanctions.

“If she is banned four years, we will ban her four years more from participating for Sweden.”

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