Alcoholic Killed A House Owner Thinking He’s A Burglar.

Alcoholism isn’t only an addiction, it is a masked killer which has been kindly viewed by science is “a disease.”

A Chinese man named Lian got drinking with friends only to return home for a tragic incident. He was so drunk but could find his way home.

A returnee beats a house-owner to death after mistaking him as a thief

As he approached his apartment building, the boozed-up young man picked up an argument with the security men at the gate but no one knew that was a rehearsal to something horrific coming. The Guards probably knew he was under the influence of alcohol, and may have inhaled or injected something “white”. So they let him go for bad.

The 32-year-old returnee is a Master’s degree holder. 

Lian remembered his apartment building but forgot his house number, then he mistakenly went to the wrong floor. He thought he was heading to his apartment. But that was when tragedy struck.

The man tried opening ‘his door’ but his key wouldn’t let him in. He tried and tried with other keys, provoking himself to anger in the process.

Why won’t he be mad? He was sure that was his home and he wasn’t seeing double.

He was supposed to be on the 14th floor where his apartment is Room 1404 but that night, he went to the 10th floor and visited Room 1004. At least, he tried, he was almost there. Just a difference of one zero and a 4.

Fuming with anger, the boozer couldn’t believe his eyes when another man came to unlock the door from the inside. Busted! He must have thought.

The real owner of the home was named Jiang, he heard a noise at the door and came to see who was there. That was a mistake he didn’t live to tell. Lian quickly engaged him in a fight thinking he was a burglar. He called the house owner a thief and beat him mercilessly.

After the fight, the drinker was happy to have thought Jiang a lesson as he lay in a pool of blood. Lian forgot to close the door but went straight inside and found his way to the bedroom where he enjoyed a very good night sleep. Yet, he had no feelings that he was sleeping on another man’s bed.

He didn’t realize the man he attacked was already dead.

Luckily for him, the man had no mistress who he would have thought to be an accomplice. That erased the stress of having to kill another thief, don’t you think?

He was still enjoying his sleep when the police arrived and arrested him.

Image: What causes alcoholism?

Jiang was taken to hospital but there was nothing the doctors could do to save him. Lian was sentenced to 10 years in prison with a 500,000 yuan fine.

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