Alaska Airlines co-pilot claims she was drugged and raped by captain

Alaska Airlines is facing a messy lawsuit after a co-pilot made claims that she was drugged and raped by a captain.


Last June first officer of Alaska Airlines, Betty Pina was paired up with a veteran captain for a three-day flight to Minneapolis. Co-pilot claims she was drugged and raped by the colleague during this trip. Pina has filed a lawsuit against the airline who allegedly failed to protect her rights and put in danger.

This trip was supposed to be a usual three-day trip with a layover in Minneapolis. As always in the hotel, there was prepared snacks and drinks in a concierge room. After a meal and time for relaxation, it was supposed to be a short overnight stay before returning back to Seattle.

That night Pina took a glass of wine with the snacks. Later her colleague captain Paul Engelien brought her the second one. And then strange things started to happen. Betty remembers that after drinking a few sips she could not keep her head up, everything around started to look blurry.

The next thing she remembers is waking up in the same vomit wet bed with a captain.

Pina said she recalls being naked down from the waste, adding that she was conscious for a moment during the night.

“When I woke up, everything was hazy. I remember seeing a figure, somebody pulling at my right ankle, and rolling over and trying to say ‘No.’ And then, I was out again,” her statement reads.

“This is the part … when it all kind of clicked,” she told ABC News about waking up without her pantie or bra. “I saw the nightstand, and I saw my black purse, and I opened it to see if my phone was in there because I could feel it, and my underwear were in my purse … and I am just freaking out.

“Why would I put my underwear in my purse? I’ve never done anything like that,” she added. “That to me seemed like he did that. He wanted to clean it up or obviously this was very calculated, it’s very orchestrated.”

The security camera of the hotel recorded the captain trying to kiss Pina against her will in an elevator according to the Seattle Press.

Pina adds in the interview that her lawyer said she was incapacitated. “It took 18 to 20 minutes to get from the elevator to the room, and this whole time he’s trying to get me into the room, and I’m trying to put up whatever fight I can.”

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Betty Pina (left) filed suit against Alaska Airlines in Washington State Superior Court. Paul Engelien (right) is named in the lawsuit, but not as a defendant.  (Eric Makus/Twitter)

One of the flight attendants apparently saw Paul walking down the hotel hallway with a woman and two glasses of wine. She reported this to the first officer on duty.

The pilot was summoned for questioning by their superior officers and he acknowledged drinking and with Pina. Both were removed from the morning flight list and they went back to Seattle the next day on another flight.

Since the beginning of June, Pina who used to be military helicopter pilot flying combat missions to Afghanistan has been on a paid leave. She was allowed to come back to the cockpit only this January.

“I trusted my captain,” Pina continued in her statement. “We had a lot in common. He was military and he has foster kids and I was a foster kid and so I didn’t see any threats.”

Paul “is not flying and was taken off the line immediately after learning of the incident,” company spokeswoman Ann Johnson told Fox News via email Thursday, adding that it is the company’s policy to withhold an employee from work during this type of investigation.

“What we can say is that we are taking this matter seriously. The safety and well-being of our employees and guests is a top priority,” Ms. Johnson said.

Pina and her lawyers recently filed the lawsuit against Alaska Airlines on grounds that the airliner failed to take corrective measures after it was served with legal complaints.

Attorneys Eric Makus and Lincoln Beauregard, representing Pina in Washington State Superior Court, confirmed to Fox News that the 39-year-old Seattle woman had first served a lawsuit against Alaska Airlines on Feb. 15 but they failed to answer within 20 days. Same lawsuit was also filed in Seattle’s King County Superior Court on March 14.