Air pollution is a major threat to lives – WHO

Air pollution was the top global health threat identified by the World Health Organization.

According to WHO, nine out of every 10 people face health challenges from pollution every day.

The WHO identified the 10 biggest health threats of 2019 for the world population alongside climate change, noncommunicable diseases, flu pandemics and superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics.

“Microscopic pollutants in the air can penetrate respiratory and circulatory systems, damaging the lungs, heart and brain, killing 7 million people prematurely every year from diseases such as cancer, stroke, heart and lung disease,” it said.

Asia, with its many developing countries, is one of the most vulnerable regions with high emissions from burgeoning industry and conventional fuels.

Around 2 million people die prematurely from air pollution in the Western Pacific region, which includes Korea, the WHO estimates.

The world health body said 630 million children under five are exposed to ultrafine dust which surpass recommended levels.

In Nigeria, some of the “uninhabitable” cities are: Aba, Onitsha, Kaduna and Umuahia, according to WeForum.Org.

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