After 4 days in office, scandal brings down Peru Prime Minister

Hctor Valer

Peruvian Prime Minister Hctor Valer has announced that he will step down only four days after becoming prime minister following the disclosure of charges that went public that he had beat his daughter and late wife.

On February 4, President Pedro Castillo said he would seek to reshuffle the cabinet again.

There is increasing criticism of Castillo’s appointing Valer as prime minister.

When a new prime minister is appointed, this will become the fourth government in Peru in six months.

In responding to his being forced from office, Valer said, “The complaints against me are based on lies.”

Within hours of Valer’s appointment on February 2, police reports from 2016 were released in which his daughter and late wife accused him of beating them.

Earlier, women’s rights groups opposed Valer’s appointment.