Adolf Hitler’s most lethal “weapon” auctions for only $300,000

Adolf Hitler’s deadliest weapon is now on sale for just $300,000.00 thanks to late Brig. Sir Ralph Rayner, who died at the age of 81 in 1977.

Adolf Hitler's Personal Presentation Telephone

Hitler’s most-prized possession, a personal telephone which he used to order the massacre of millions of people around the world, can now be acquired by interested buyers who are willing to part with a few hundred-thousand dollars.

Alexander Historical Auctions, a Maryland-based auctioneer, is said to have offered the phone for bids.

The legendary blood-red telephone was a gift from German firm Siemens to Hitler. It had “ADOLF HITLER” written on it, with a swastika pasted in honor of the ruler’s badge which is known as an ancient religious symbol from ancient Indo-Europeans.

Siemans' personalization of Hitler's phone.

A report from CNN says the world used to love “swastika” until Hitler identified himself with it, turning the symbol into a sign of dictatorship, pain, suffering, war and death.

According to a report from Russia’s state-owned tabloid Sputnik, Rayner was sent to Berlin on 5 May, 1945, to make contact with Moscow a day after Nazi Germany surrendered.

Rayner was Britain’s MP at that time, and most likely the first non-Soviet victor to enter Berlin.

The auctioneer, Alexander Historical Auctions, says Rayner rejected an offer from Russia to accept a phone belonging to the Fuhrer’s mistress Eva Braun, who later became his wife.

However, the British PM turned down the proposal from Moscow because Eva’s phone was black in color.

The Russian’s learned that Rayner’s favorite color was red, so they offered him the red-blood personal telephone which was used by Hitler himself.

The British diplomat graciously received this rare gift which reportedly stayed near the dictator’s bedside throughout lifetime during World War II.

Brig. Rayner using Hitler's telephone in 1963

Andreas Kornfield, a manager of international client relations, spoke with the Russian tabloid about this German-made phone which he believes to be operational notwithstanding the age.

Kornfield says the phone can be used with an analogue phone line although no one has tried it yet.

“Technically, I see no reason you couldn’t use it,” Kornfield said. “Just like you can use an old radio.”

He explained that a simple upgrade by high-end collectors is all that’s required for one to use an old phone like this. “But I doubt anyone would actually use it,” the art dealer said amid laughter.

“This was a mobile phone that was moved around.

Hitler's Personal Phone

“It was presented to him by Siemens,” he said, adding that it’s an “early model, state-of-the-art presentation to the dictator.

“It’s a one of a kind item,” Kornfield continued.

“Someone who is very interested in preserving a part of history can also buy and donate it to the German history museum,” he advised.

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