Activists in Mumbai demand employment for female mortuary workers

Activists in Mumbai, India are complaining about the scarcity of women morgue workers after fifteen positions were advertised and no female candidate showed interest.


According to a report from Mumbai Live, women are not interested in taking up positions as autopsy assistants or morgue attendants.

Only two women in Mumbai are working as autopsy assistants in for a total of nine hospitals that conduct post-mortems, and the concerned activists have called on the state government to entice more women forensic doctors.

Aziz Amreliwala, an activist who works with Hindustan Times, said he has personally written a letter to the state government requesting for an urgent action on the matter.

“If we have women doctors, nurses, police officers and laborers, then why can’t we have a separate morgue and women staff members conducting post-morten?” Aziz said.

There are a total of 124 positions advertised and 25 are still vacant, Hindustan Times reported.

Over the years, a large number of post-mortem centers have been established and women doctors are taking forensic courses but none of them wants to work as an autopsy assistant.


Rajawadi Hospital in Ghatkopar reportedly recorded about 2,220 post-mortem cases within the last 10 months. However, the hospital which handles most accident cases does not have a female autopsy assistant or morgue workers.

“When we announce for vacant positions, we intend to have both males and females. We have experienced a situation where all the applicants rejected the jobs even after taking interviews. It’s is a difficult job for women, and they hate to take such offers,” Dr SM Patil, a police surgeon told Hindustan Times.