AC Milan is one of the strongest teams – Bonucci

Juventus player Leonardo Bonucci has described AC Milan as a “prestigious team” after both teams slugged it out on Saturday.

In the fiercely contested Serie A match, Paulo Dybala (60’) and Moise Kean (84’) scored for Juventus after Krzysztof Piatek had opened the scoresheet for Rossoneri in the 39th minute.

Milan almost got an equalizer from the spot kick. Unfortunately, Piatek found the bottom corner and a disappointing VAR decision saved all three points for Juve.

Bonucci, who spent a season at Milan before returning to Juventus, expressed excitement for their win but acknowledged Rossoneri’s strength and character.

‘Milan is a prestigious team but we won…I’m excited that we are ready for the first of two finals for us…’

An Italian journalist Mario Sconcerti argued in favour of the VAR decision that denied Milan a goal.

‘There’s no need for grudges or blames,’ Sconcerti said. ‘The gap between both teams on Serie A table speaks for itself.’

Milan are about 32 points away from Juventus and 11 from second-placed Napoli.

‘The gap between Juve and Milan on the table cancels out all errors from the officiating referee…Admittedly, Fabbri [the referee] missed two or three decisions during the game but those errors were inconsequential—and he had no reason to be biased.’

Juve are top on the league table. The champions will celebrate yet another Serie A trophy for the 2018/19 season if Napoli suffers loss against Genoa in today’s encounter.

‘What do we want to discuss?’ Sconcerti continued. ‘One theory is the errors ad personam, another the quality of the whole. If it is time to take stock, it is fair to say that there is little to understand, but also little to approve, Gattuso included.’

‘I respect Gattuso and it’s clear to see that it’s not all his fault, but if he needs an idea on where to go to improve, it’s time to discuss. This is the point at which he should wonder where the error is, and what can be done to eliminate it…The Leonardo thing against Gattuso and vice versa is old, he doesn’t need Milan, he just hides. What is wrong with society and what is it for Gattuso? Is there a summary?’

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