A peep inside Jose Mourinho’s new apartment

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho, who has been living in the Lowry Hotel, is set to leave for a new luxury apartment situated at the Beetham Tower. He is scheduled for a second tour of the home together with his wife Matilde.

Last week, the Portuguese coach said his current residence, located in Salford Quays, is a 5-star disaster. But he’s now relishing a chance to live at the city center.

His new home at the Beetham Tower looks incredibly beautiful.

According to media reports, the new home is on Manchester’s tallest skyscraper; and the building is responsible for UFO reports. It is a 47-storey tower.

Talking about UFO’s, architect Ian Simpson, who constructed the tower and lives at its top, tendered apologies in 2012 for a reported issue with the building’s glass ‘blade’ which releases a humming sound during high winds.

The bizarre occurrence has been compared an to alien invasion.

A few footballers who have lived there include: Phil Neville, Robinho, Pablo Zabaleta and Vincent Kompany.

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