A CEO Reveals Why He Schedules Interviews At 6:30am

A CEO would need to be ‘out of his mind’ before fixing job interviews at 6:30am which is an ungodly hour for many job seekers, but that’s a huge test on one’s personality.  An employer who uses this method of job interview has revealed the secret behind his choice.

Image: Interview at a coffee shop.

In a recent LinkedIn post the CEO and Founder of football technology company Kyck, Mac Lackey, confirms that the early hours interview is his favorite recruitment tools.

“With our first company, my business partner and I would schedule interviews at the coffee shop at 6:30am in the morning,” he writes.

“Sure, I get up early. I think that’s important. But, I really wanted to see how people reacted to a 6:30am. interview.

“I understand that if you’re not a morning person, being ready and on for a 6:30am interview is a challenging situation. 

“But how you react to that challenge tells me a lot about, not only your character, but how you choose to handle situations that take you out of your comfort zone.”

Lackey goes on to detail what would and wouldn’t be acceptable in the dawn interview, stating that running late due to traffic, commenting on the early hour or appearing tired would be seen as negatives – The Street reports.

However, he would be impressed by a candidate who complimented him on also being a morning person, discussed their own early-morning routine or commented on the educational merits of the practice.

The practice of putting candidates in tough situations during interviews is not new, with one CEO deliberately ruining his candidate’s breakfast in order to see how they react.