A Beautiful Girl’s Poo Story.

Makela, who tweets as misunderstood worm, posts a selfie in the bath

It’s funny how life reminds us everyday that we are made of flesh and blood. For example, answering nature’s call is something everyone does, no pretense.

It is natural for everyone including beautiful and sexy ladies to poop, it doesn’t take away beauty from the body. Nay, not at all. But depending on the circumstance, it can be disturbing and embarrassing if a few things aren’t well with one’s biological make-up.

A beautiful girl who went on a first date with a guy boldly shared her poo experience for your fun on twitter:

Poo story part one, as posted on Twitter by Makela

Sit back and relax as you read on. The story is getting messier.

Poo story part two, as posted on Twitter by Makela

The advice from her sister could have helped but that wasn’t an option.

Poo story ending, as posted on Twitter by Makela

She’s indeed a survivor and the best thing she did was having the courage to hide a rock-solid poo in her purse. Lol.

6 thoughts on “A Beautiful Girl’s Poo Story.

  1. Hi, just wanted to tell you, I loved this post.
    It was so funny and entertaining. Being pretty doesn’t make a girl more than human.