60-year-old woman undergoes plastic surgery to deceive lenders


Zhu before and after surgery.jpg

A Chinese woman in her 60s made headlines after failing in a costly effort to evade her creditors.

The woman from Wuhan resorted to cosmetic surgery and successfully transformed herself to “a charming teenager in her early 20s.” However, nemesis caught up with her when police uncovered the truth six months later.

Zhu (the culprit) was owing over $6 million, mostly to investors in her clothing factory, Shin Min Daily News reported.

Earlier in 2018, she received an Order to Pay from court but ignored the instructions. Instead, she chose to disappear into thin air, leaving no trace behind.

Police said she escaped to Shenzhen, where she lived a luxury life.

In her confessional statement to the police, Zhu said she was broke and had to rely on her younger sister for financial assistance before the arrest.

Investigations proved the offender lavished her money on luxuries. She was found to have joined an exclusive club where members are required to register with a minimum of $40,000. Pictures of her adventures with other club members were also found on social media.

Zhu incurred debts worth $780,000 with her credit card in 2016 alone. Police investigations revealed she bought several cars and registered them under her sister’s name.

The court sentenced her to a year and four months.