6-Year-Old Buried Alive In Agra, India.

AGRA: A 6-year-old girl named Tanu Baghel was stolen from her home and buried alive in a farm field reported to be less than 1 kilometer away.

This abominable incident occurred on July 22 in Dharira village of Etmadpur area, The Times Of India reported.

According to the report, Tanu was sleeping along with her father Vinod Singh Baghel who was dead asleep in an open veranda, when an unidentified person whisked the kid away in the still of the night.

6-year-old girl abducted while asleep, buried alive

Image: Tanu Baghel recovering on a hospital bed.

Omveer Singh [husband of Dharira village’s pradhan Neelam Devi] reportedly spoke with TOI, saying: “At around 1am, when Vinod woke up, he found his daughter missing.

“He searched the entire home, but could not find her anywhere. Fearing of his daughter been kidnapped, he called up his family members and neighbors to search her whereabouts.

“The entire village joined the search for Tanu. The search continued till morning. Failing to find her, the villagers called police. But at around 8 am, a local shepherd taking his cattle for grazing found the girl buried in the farm field.
“Her head and toe were visible on the field,” he said.
Luckily for the poor girl and her family, she survived a near-death experience. Rescuers were quick to request emergency assistance from the local hospital.

Brahm Singh, station officer of Etmadpur said, “It seems an act of a mentally unstable person. The girl’s face, hand had injury marks, but there was no trace of any kind of sexual assault or abuse.

“The girl was taken to local community health center in an unconscious state . There she has been kept under observation.”

“Based on the written complaint submitted to police by victim’s father, an FIR has been lodged against unknown person under IPC section, 364 (Kidnapping or abducting in order to murder).”

Abduction and rape isn’t an uncommon incident in the country though investigations are yet to reveal the real purpose behind 6-year-old Tanu’s kidnap and attempted murder.
“Last year in the month of May, a 13-month-old toddler was buried alive in barren field of Beghumpura village under Jalesar police station in Etah District. His body was found 50 meters away from home, three feet deep below the ground.”