$50 MILLION AT STAKE: Will Canelo Alvarez fight David Benavidez?

The one fight Canelo Alvarez’s haters want him to take is one against David Benavidez, one that could be close to becoming a reality due to recent developments.

Promoter Sampson Lewkowicz recently shared the contents of a letter he wrote to coach Eddy Reynoso. The two of them met in person back in May, which led to Lewkowicz writing this open letter to Reynoso. Sports Illustrated Chris Mannix did offer more details of this letter that can only be read between the lines.

According to sources close to both teams, the total purse will round up to $50 million including pay-per-view sales. This doesn’t mean Canelo is being offered that amount but it will get really close to that in the end. Alvarez has the offer on the table but there is no talk about any contracts being signed yet. The Mexican fighter is fresh out of beating John Ryder in Guadalajara, he needs a bit of rest before making a decision to fight a new opponent. Usually, he tends to pick his next rival for either September or November. That all depends on how hurt Canelo was during his May fight.

What does Lewkowicz’s letter to Eddy Reynoso say?

Here’s what Lewkowicz wrote to Reynoso: “Since you have chosen to conduct our negotiations for David Benavidez to face Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez in public, I’m forced to correct a few mistakes you made in claiming you haven’t received any offers. On Monday May 29 at 4:45 pm, I emailed you what I’m sure would be one of the most lucrative offers of Canelo Alverez’s career to face Benavidez.

“Please know that you do indeed have an offer to face Benavidez, a sizeable one, and I must tell you that I’m offended by your claim that I’m ‘fantasizing’ about making this fight happen. If you are also unable to find this open letter and no one tells you about it, would anyone who knows him please let Eddy know that I will send this same offer any time for him to communicate to Canelo Alvarez. All he needs to do is provide a working email address, apparently.”

Should Canelo Alvarez accept this offer, he will finally get a chance to respond to all nay sayers who don’t believe he is currently the best Super Middleweight in the world. Benavidez was the one last fighter left who actually seems to have a chance at beating the Mexican boxer. Whatever they decide, we will be waiting for official announcements that could come at any time in theforseeablee future.

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