3 Men Sailing Down A River in a Fridge.

How do you sail down a river in a fridge? That’s adventure – maybe innovation at work.

Three men spotted sailing down river in a fridge

Reports confirm that a group of three men were spotted sailing in a fridge down River Dee in Chester.

It isn’t so bad after all. If they can’t sail around the world in a yacht, they could make use of a fridge and get the same wonderful experience.

The historical invention was made from an fridge, a plank, and a float to stop it from capsizing.

Onlookers thought it was a great idea that should get sponsorship endorsements but the coast guard who halted the experiment said it was very risky. The officer on duty argued that there was a high risk of drowning.

An emergency rescue team were fast to arrive at the scene near Connah’s Quay where a search and rescue operation was carried out.

Surprisingly, new innovation had already been abandoned by the three adventurous young men. They disappeared into thin air to avoid arrest leaving their invention behind.

A local coast guard told Chester Chronicle that: “The three guys ran away.

“All that was left was the fridge.

“The men could have been in serious trouble if the makeshift float hadn’t worked,” he added.

For safety reasons, people have been warned not to try this in the river.