2Pac not a gangster, Suge Knight a bad boss

2Pac gets involved in the violence

Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas used to be the second home of boxing in the 1980s (after Madison Square Garden). A lot of the Hagler, Sugar Ray and Tommy Hearns fights took place at Caesar’s Palace Hotel in Las Vegas and people were able to bet on the fights at the casino in the hotel.

Then in 1993 a new hotel opened that would challenge Caesar’s Palace’s position. It was the MGM Grand Hotel and if I remember correctly, it was the largest hotel in the world at the time. It was opened with a boxing match that featured Julio Caesar Chavez, but I can’t remember who he fought against.

Now, as you’ll see later, Mike Tyson was very good friends with Tupac Shakur and he had commissioner Tupac to produce a song that he would use for his ring walk in his fight against Bruce Seldon at the MGM Grand in 1996. Tyson said he kept calling Tupac to remind him about the tape because quite often the song arrives very late (he later said that he felt guilty for rushing Tupac like that).

So Tupac came to the MGM Grand for the fight. While he and his Death Row crew were sitting in the foyer, Treyvon Lane suddenly saw Orlando Anderson and he told the rest of the crew that that was the guy that jumped him at the mall and snatched his chain.

Tray Dee, who is a member of the Crips, Mob James, who was a member of the Bloodz and other gangsters have condemned what happened next.

Tupac took off towards Baby Lane, with the rest of the Death Row crew in tow and they beat the hell out of him for jumping Treyvon Lane at the mall.

Mob James said that Suge should have never allowed that to happen. Tupac was an artiste, not a gangster. He said that Suge should have assigned somebody to take Tupac to the car while the hommies handled business. Tray Dee said that Tupac was not a gangster and so he shouldn’t have done that. He didn’t understand the consequences of doing something like that. Keefe D said that he feels remorse for Tupac, but when he did what he did, he gave them the green light to do whatever they did to him. Mob James said that Tupac did not understand that Orlando Anderson was a gangster and no gangster would allow a rapper who was not a gangster, to beat him and get away with it. There must be consequences.

This is the CCTV footage that shows Tupac and crew beating Orlando “Baby” Lane and it also shows them leaving the hotel afterwards.

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