17-year-old teenager killed for his $220.00 Air Jordan 11 sneakers

The Washington DC teenager who was killed over a pair of Air Jordan’s $220.00 sneakers has been identified as James Anthony Smith.

James was a Ballou High School student before his death.


Image shows James Anthony Smith (Source: Facebook/Facebook Ballou High School)

In the tragic incident which occurred early last week, reports confirm James was at a basketball court at the Frederick Douglas Community Center in Southeast, a location popularly known as one of D.C.’s most dangerous neighborhoods, when someone shot him dead only to inherit his newly-gifted sports shoes.

The youngster was later found dead but without his sneakers.

According to a report from The Washington Post, the Air Jordan 11 sneakers was a Christmas gift from James’ mother, Benita Smith.

Unfortunately, the red sneakers ended her son’s life four days later. Wrong. It wasn’t the shoes actually, but someone who needed it more than the owner.

The robbery victim died later in the hospital, and his mother, Benita, says she regrets her decision to hand the boy an early Christmas gift without any premonition that he’d be so dead for it.

Those enchanting red sneakers was launched December 9, 2017 and were known as the “Win Like 96” Jordans.

Michael Jordan, a legendary basketball icon, wore the black, red and white version of the coveted shoes in 1996, when he won his fourth championship with the Chicago Bulls.

Benita still blames herself for buying the shoes for James, and says she’s sorry.

“He was an all-American kid” his mother stated in a very emotional statement. “He loved his red shoes. He loved basketball. He loved his computer games. I can’t believe he was killed, all over a pair of shoes.”

An update from DCPD says there are speculations that the shoes were the motive, adding that they tentatively think it may have been a robbery.

In the 80s and 90s, Washington DC was notorious for crack violence, and it seems the crime waves are back.

The DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) were included as one of the most dangerous areas in the world for people who wear expensive clothes and shoes, and James isn’t the first person to have died for their luxe possessions.

Family, friends and well-wishers have poured in tributes on social media for the fallen star.

According to Sneaker News, thieves stole $7,200 Worth Of Air Jordan 11 “Win Like ’96” Pairs From Niketown NY just barely hours before the company’s 9 December release of the long-awaited pairs.

May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace, James.

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