15 Persons Dead And More Missing, After Flooding Rain And Landslides In Macedonia.

Skopje, the capital city of Macedonia has suffered flooding rain, and at least 15 persons are said to have drowned. The death occurred after an all-night storm measuring about three and a half inches (93mm).

Cars struggling through flooded roads in the dark, 6 August 2015

Image shows a location in the capital city, Skopje (Source: BBC). 

According to a BBC report, an official said “their bodies were found before 8:30 local time (06:30 GMT) on Sunday.

“Six people are still missing.”

The report confirms some of the deceased were stuck in their cars, and drowned in the surging flood. Some parts of Skopje’s ring road have also been swept off, with cars pushed away into nearby surroundings.

“This is a disaster. We have never experienced such a thing,” BBC quotes the Mayor of Skopje, Kove Trajanovski.

Image: File Photo

The hospitals is rendering emergency medical services to some survivors, and soldiers have been summoned to help.

Earlier weather forecasts said there would be more rain this Sunday evening though three villages in the north-east of the country have reportedly been cut off by the landslides.

Image: File Photo

This is not the first time Macedonia has suffered flood. Four people including a seven-year-old child were killed and one person was reportedly missing after a heavy rain in 2015 caused flash floods and mudslides in several villages in western Macedonia.

At that time International Business Times quoted Macedonia’s Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Pesevski as saying that one village, Shipkovica: “looks as if a huge tsunami has gone through it.”

Image: Map showing Macedonia, a country surrounded by Greece, Bulgaria, Albania and Kosovo.