$100,000 Jackpot Winner reveals his success secret

A Virginia Lottery player who recently won a $100,000 jackpot says he’s grateful to his mom for the advice on how to match numbers.


Speaking on the lottery-winning trick which has surprisingly worked for a few others too, Brandon Pree of Washington, D.C. said he was visiting his mother, Tina, when she advised him to play the Virginia Lottery’s Cash 5 game using family birthdays for the numbers.

Now, Brandon admits Tina’s advice proved the old adage that “mother knows best.”

The lucky winner matched all five numbers in the Feb. 28 drawing, 11-22-25-26-28, earning a $100,000 prize for himself and Tina, of course.

‘The first thing I did was call my mother,’ Brandon said, ‘and she howled and screamed!’

Tina, who spoke to reporters on the massive win, said she has some further advice for Brandon regarding his expenditure.

‘Hopefully he will share the loot with me since I told him to play!’ The happy mom giggles.