Bradley Lowery, the late 6-year-old Football Fan who won our Hearts, will never be forgotten

The death of Bradley Lowery comes as a shock to Sunderland fans and all football lovers around the world. He died at the age of 6.

Bradley, a brave young football fan, was diagnosed of a rare form of cancer Neuroblastoma in 2013, and he never stopped fighting to live.

Neuroblastoma weakens the immune system; can cause fatigue, loss of energy, bone pain, jerky eyes, weakness in the legs, difficulty in urinating, breathlessness, and a swollen painful tummy.

This form of cancer is particularly after nerve cells.

About 100 kids in the UK suffer from Neuroblastoma, but the cause remains unknown.

Image shows Bradley Lowery in Sunderland colors.

Although Bradley made a surprise recovery from the illness, reports confirm he went into remission in July, 2016.

At that time, doctors notified his family that he had a few months to live, and the brave boy fought really hard to hang on for a while.

For his heartwarming smiles, the deceased will be remembered by football fans around the world, especially his idol Jermain Defoe, who’s Sunderland’s highest goalscorer.

Bradley was born in Blackhall Colliery, near Hartlepool, where he battled cancer for the most part of his childhood until the cold hands of death snatched him away on 7 July.

The little boy is feeling better after undergoing T-Cell treatment

Bradley Lowery, seen here with his idol Jermain Defoe, sadly lost his battle with a rare form of cancer

Image shows Bradley Lowery and his idol Jermain Defoe during a hospital visit.

“What a incredible child he’s my little hero. Jermaine Defoe is an absolute gentleman and exceptional guy!! If only love was a cure he would have been saved a million times over! There’s only one Bradley lowery. Keep fighting lil man,” a concerned Twitter user wrote in appreciation of Defoe’s commitment.

Bradley’s painful exit was well-planned to enable him spend his last days with cuddles and hugs from loved ones.

A few days before his passing, the 6-year-old’s family shared some pictures on his Twitter and Facebook pages.

One of the updates showed him cuddling his big brother Kieran, 15.

“My two boys, my world, my everything,” his mom Gemma captioned the post.

She made great efforts to keep supporters abreast of his condition and fast-deteriorating health.

The updates included one last wish from Bradley to have a bedside party with family and friends, a request which Sunderland players honored with respect.

“Thank you to Sunderland AFC you have been amazing for Bradley. Bradley had lots of fun with the boys and then fell asleep cuddling Jermain. #specialmemories #grateful,” reads a Facebook post from his family after a group of Sunderland players paid him a visit.

“The lads loved catching up with him!” the club responded via their website.

One soul-shaking picture shared on Bradley’s social media accounts showed him sleeping on Jermain Defoe’s arms.

Bradly had great love for Sunderland’s top scorer who reciprocated with everything he could offer the poor boy.

“Bradley loves Jermain Defoe,” a message on his Twitter account read last February. “He didn’t want him to leave today and fell asleep cuddling into him. #specialbond #bestfriends.”

Defoe read the message and quickly responded on his own account.

“Love you little man. #bestfriends,” the famous footballer wrote.


Little Poppy Moore told reporters Bradley was her 'boyfriend' because he is 'so cute'

Little Poppy Moore told reporters Bradley was her ‘boyfriend’ because he is ‘so cute.’

Bradley’s family raised money to provide adequate treatment for him, even seeking help from medical professionals outside the United Kingdom.

Earlier this year, The Independent reported that Bradley received a total of £200,000 donation for his treatment at the end of a match between Sunderland FC and Everton, where he appeared as a mascot.

By the end of last year, he had reached a fundraising target of £700,000.

Last December, Bradley was awarded the Premier League’s Goal of the Month for scoring a penalty in the warm-up match before Sunderland’s home game against Chelsea.

Image: Bradley Lowery

Talking to a group of reporters about his relationship with Bradley, Sunderland player Jermain Defoe broke down in tears. They’ve been friends, even before they walked out hand-in-hand from the tunnel on that day he played a mascot.

“It has been difficult,” Defoe said.

“It has been hard because I’ve been keeping this in for so long, trying to be strong for my family and his family.

“I don’t really know how to put into words how I feel. It has been a special time having that relationship with Brad.

Jermain Defoe broke down in tears at a press conference on the eve of Bradley's death

“I speak to the family every day, I was with them a few days ago and it was tough to see him suffer like that.

“I felt I was prepared for it after what I went through with my dad but it was so tough to see a kid of that age who has been going through this for so long and got to the stage where he is obviously struggling.

“I can say it is only a matter of days but he will always be in my heart for the rest of my life.”

The poor boy died just a few days after his bedside party with family and friends. He had to say goodbye no matter how hard it seemed, even to his girlfriend.

Bradley's mum Gemma revealed he had tragically passed away in a heartbreaking Facebook post

An update from his family reads: “Bradley has had a settled day, he is no longer responsive but we know he is listening to everything we say. He is fighting so hard it’s heart breakingfor us to watch.

“When the time comes there will be a update on his page first before anywhere else.

“Thank you for all your kind words and support.”

Smile my little superhero, may your pain be zero.

Track Smile For Bradley raced to No.3 on the iTunes chart following its release on June 23.

Mourinho blasts David Moyes for claims on inheriting a “low-quality team” from Alex Ferguson

Sunderland manager David Moyes had a very brief stay at Manchester United after his appointment as the perfect replacement for Sir Alex Ferguson. The Glasgow-born coach lasted only 10 months before a disappointing sack.

Image: David Moyes

Today’s Premier League game between Manchester United and Sunderland at Old Trafford will be the Scot’s first time since leaving the venue in April 2014.

However, the 53-year-old says he has no regrets leaving Everton for the coveted Man U job.

“My time there was too short, but as I have said many times, you have to win games and I didn’t win enough games,” the Sunderland coach said.

“I would do it again, 100 percent. Very few people are offered the job at Manchester United and I was honored to be offered the job.

“It was a great experience and one I wouldn’t change because of the quality of the players and professionalism I found.”

Image: Jose Mourinho and David Moyes.

Moyes claims he was not given enough time to rebuild a squad he inherited from Ferguson though they had just won the Premier League.

Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho discarded the claims from his rival, saying he would be happy to gained that squad from Sir Alex.

“I wouldn’t mind to be at a club with great expectations, but to have Ryan Giggs and ‘Chicharito’ [Javier Hernandez] and [Nemanja] Vidic still in the team, [Patrice] Evra too… I wouldn’t mind,” Mourinho said.

“I don’t feel it [United’s expectation] as a burden. I feel the great history of the club as only a positive thing and not a negative thing. The problem is whether you have the conditions to follow that success of history. If not, then that’s a different story.

“There are generations and in a certain period, when David came, the situation was not so easy to go in that winning direction. At the same time — I think this is even more important — the Premier League was changing.

“Periods of domination now belong to the past because the Premier League was going already in an incredible direction and it is what it is now.”

In a twist of fate as the coaches make their claims and counter-claims, former United players [Donald Love and John O’Shea] may be wearing Sunderland colors today.

Sadly, Adnan Januzaj, who is also on loan from Old Trafford, is not eligible to face his parent club.

He added: “I think a manager that is not sacked is not a manager, or at least is not a good manager. We have to be sacked.

“So I think it was just a bad moment in David’s career and he has to do what I did, what we all do, move on — and he did that.

“I think after Manchester United he went to Spain, also a different experience for him, then back to England, back in the Premier League.

“I think he moved on and this is what we have to do. He has to move on, enjoy his family and a new job will arrive. I’m like this. I’m pragmatic. No problem. It’s part of football.”

Moyes told reporters he is hopeful that today’s game will end favorably.

In his words: “I will feel that I’m going into a difficult game and for us to get a result we will have to play really well.

“Nevertheless we are in pretty good shape as well. We have had a pretty good run, so we want to go there and do well.”

David Moyes Reveals Why He Won’t Ever Forgive Manchester United.

David Moyes [former Manchester United coach] reveals why he will forever bear grudges against the club, saying “he was unfairly treated”.

Image: David Moyes

The British tactician who just assumed a new role at Sunderland, left United after a disgraceful campaign during the 2014/2014 season. He was sacked 10 months later after taking over reigns from legendary Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford.

Moyes went on to spend exactly 365 days at Real Sociedad before he was also sacked. What a crazy sport!

Following his exit, the Red Devils struggled to keep a spot in the Premier League that would see them play at the Champions League, and eventually stood at 7th place.

Louis van Gaal eventually replace Moyes in time for the 2014-15 campaign.

Though the Dutchman LVG made great efforts to move United up to 4th place and later 5th before leaving for Mourinho, Moyes had another disappointing outing at a Spanish club side Real Sociedad (2014-15).

At the time Ferguson left Old Trafford, Moyes was adjudged by many to be the next great tactician that’ll lead the team to glories. The Scot had the connections and could boast of good records with Everton, having rescued the club from near-relegation to a Champions League spot (2002-2013).

Moyes’ disgraceful exit, to him, remains an insult from those who should have accorded him some respect and understanding.

Image: David Moyes arrives Sunderland for a new beginning.

He told the press: “I’ve said all along I was unfairly treated there. When you sign a six-year contract and you end up with 10 months … yeah, I believe I was.

“I didn’t win enough football matches but you must say there were mitigating circumstances. And I think you could say there are maybe things which have gone on since then that would actually justify that even more so.”

He also talked about his innate qualities and hopes for the future, as a top class manager.

“What my time at Manchester United gave me is an unbelievable idea of what it is at the top. I believe that’s where I can work and that’s where I should be working, and my level is that.

“You don’t get offered the Real Madrid job, the Barcelona job, the Manchester United job, if you’ve not had something to suggest there’s a reason for it,” he said.

“I don’t think I have anything to prove to anybody else, but I am always proving to myself that I want to keep my standards high.

“I think I’ve got the fourth best win record in the Premier League out of all the managers. If I can even bring a bit of that to Sunderland, that will make a difference.”

Image: David Moyes was officially unveiled as Sunderland manager on Monday.

David Moyes Appointed As Sunderland’s New Manager.

Sunderland FC have appointed former Manchester United manager David Moyes as a worthy replacement for the exiting coach Sam Allardyce who has been named new England coach.

Image: Former Manchester United coach David Moyes is now Sunderland’s new coach.

Allardyce was offered the tasking job of leading England’s national team July 22, as a successor to Roy Hodgson.

The 61-year-old takes over reigns from Roy, arousing the need for Sunderland FC to employ another capable coach [David Moyes] who’s expected start work immediately. He’ll be in control of proceedings at the Stadium of Light, guiding the team through preparations for a promising 2016/2017 Premier League season.

A statement published on Sunderland’s official website on Saturday morning revealed Moyes, 53, has arrived on Wearside on a four-year contract.

The former Manchester United coach is said to be Ellis Short‘s “first choice” to take control of the Black Cats.

Ellis (born on October 6, 1960) is the owner and Chairman of Sunderland AFC; a London-based Irish-American businessman and founder of Kildare Partners, a private equity fund investing in distressed European real estate assets.


“I am delighted to have joined Sunderland,” Moyes said.

“I am relishing the challenge and excited by the opportunity.

“I have taken over a big British club, with a great support and I’m looking forward to working in the Premier League again.

“I look forward to continuing the good work done by Sam.”

Image: Ellis Short

Ellis said in his official statement as reported by Telegraph: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome David Moyes to Sunderland, who was by far and away our first choice.

“He is a man whose football pedigree speaks for itself and is someone I have long admired.

“I have spoken with him on many occasions and I have always been hugely impressed. He was my number one managerial target for the last five appointments, but his desire to honour existing contracts meant we were not able to bring him to Sunderland previously.

“To be able to finally welcome him as our manager is fantastic news for the club.

“The fact that David has committed to a four-year deal is a clear demonstration of his belief in what he can achieve here.

“It is our aim to become a better, stronger and more stable football club and with a manager of David’s calibre and experience at the helm, we have a fantastic opportunity to begin looking upwards, rather than downwards every season.”


David Moyes signed a six-year contract at Old Trafford but was sacked after just 10 months of disappointing results which brought the Red Devils down to seventh place.

Image: David Moyes (new Sunderland AFC boss).

Sunderland Boss Sam Allardyce To Be Announced England Manager In 24 Hours.

Sunderland boss Sam Allardyce is expected to be named the new England manager within the next 24 hours, tasked with guiding the under-performing national side to the 2018 World Cup, British press reports said Wednesday.

Sam Allardyce signs autographs at Hartlepool, where Sunderland played a pre-season friendly on Wednesday night

Sam Allardyce signs autographs at Hartlepool, where Sunderland played a pre-season friendly on Wednesday night.

Telegraph Sport reported that Allardyce’ appointment as the next coach for the Three Lions comes as the selection panel’s second choice after Arsene Wenger let go the opportunity to take the new job.

The 61-year-old former Bolton, Newcastle and West Ham manager will take over from Roy Hodgson, who stepped down after England’s humiliating last-16 exit to Iceland at the European championships in June.

The Press Association said that Allardyce, the long-time front-runner for the job, will be officially named as the new manager at a Football Association board meeting on Thursday.

He will leave Sunderland after nine months at the Premier League club.

Allardyce was in line for the job a decade ago when Sven-Goran Eriksson departed after the 2006 World Cup, but lost out to Steve McClaren.

He will become England’s 15th permanent manager with Allardyce’s appointment coming on the 50th anniversary of the country’s 1966 World Cup triumph.

Hull manager Steve Bruce was also interviewed for the job while Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe and USA coach Jurgen Klinsmann were also reported to be on the FA’s shortlist.

Both Sunderland and Hull publicly called for a new England manager to be hired immediately so they can focus on finding a replacement or get back to planning for the new season, which gets under way on August 13.

England are hoping to have a new boss in place in time for a scheduled friendly on September 1 and the opening 2018 World Cup qualifier in Slovakia on September 4.

The only remaining issue to be settled is compensation to Sunderland, with Allardyce having a year left on his contract at the Stadium of Light.

In a statement, Sunderland said it was “aware of the intense media speculation” but that Allardyce remained in charge “at the present time”.

It added: “We share in the anger and frustration of our supporters and would like to assure them that we are working to conclude the matter in the best interests of Sunderland AFC.”

Bad Luck: Sam Allardyce and Sunderland Still In Shock.

It has been all sadness for Sunderland boss Sam Allardyce who recently admitted that recent events in the club has got him greatly depressed.

Sam admitted that his has recorded two huge losses within this short period of time.

Continue reading “Bad Luck: Sam Allardyce and Sunderland Still In Shock.”