Kylie Jenner Can’t Get Over Tyga.

Kylie Jenner is reportedly missing her former boyfriend Tyga because he's stopped texting her, just weeks after both lovebirds called it quits. Image: Tyga and the Kardasian sister, Kylie Jenner. "She's still very wrapped up in him. When they first broke up he was chasing after her so hard but after he left for Europe … Continue reading Kylie Jenner Can’t Get Over Tyga.

Idris Elba’s Many Marriages.

People say celebrity marriages don't last but that's a fallacy of generalized opinion (argumentum ad populum). There are celebrities who have remained stuck to their partners through the years in faithfulness - maybe only a few. Idris Elba's second wife Sonya Hamlin revealed that the famous actor dumped her a few weeks after their marriage … Continue reading Idris Elba’s Many Marriages.

Vicky Pattison Looking Hot in a Racy Photo Shoot

Vicky Pattison's recent daring photo shoot isn't bad after all. The single (but not yet searching) Loose Women star chose to appear only in a pair of denim hot pants for a picture that could break a neck. Apparently, the TV personality from England seem to have stripped off all the wrong things in her life. Pattison … Continue reading Vicky Pattison Looking Hot in a Racy Photo Shoot