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Good Football Managers Hated By Fans.

Clough, Allardyce, McLeish, Hodgson

As Sam Allardyce prepares to return to West Ham with Sunderland, which proven managers never hit it off with discerning supporters?

Sam Allardyce, West Ham
West Ham, bubble-blowing dreamers, “proper football” aficionados, winners of the 1966 World Cup, had to abandon their traditional principles in 2011. Recently relegated, Allardyce was tasked with returning the club to the top flight with our without frills.

He did promise to play attractive football when he joined, a promise he kept as long as you find neck ache-inducing attrition attractive.

Succeeded in winning promotion for West Ham, albeit through the play-offs and largely over-achieved in the Premier League, finishing 10th and 12th in his two seasons.

Despite establishing the team as hard to beat and bloodying a few noses in the top flight, the antipathy remained strong at Upton Park and Allardyce’ contract was not renewed in summer 2015.  Continue reading “Good Football Managers Hated By Fans.”