5 stages of grief

Life doesn’t make sense. Everything on earth is vanity upon vanity, we often say when faced with difficult, high-impact or irreversible life situations such as death of a loved one. People from all walks of life and across many cultures—at some points in their lives—go through the stages of mourning identified by David Kessler as: … Continue reading 5 stages of grief

Denial Is Now A River.

A twitter user posted the clock above with the following words: y'all are funny .Every time I post this clock for sale, people would express "shock" but it's sold out TWICE. Why do some people in this 21st century hate to admit owning sex related objects if they love it?

Denial isn’t a River in Egypt

It's a fact that everyone has at least one addiction though we don't always notice the difference between habits and addiction unless those are alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling or masturbation. These are uncontrollable impulses in people which cannot be hidden due to it's after-effect on the individual and society. Image: Addiction starts from the mind. All … Continue reading Denial isn’t a River in Egypt