The African Union (AU): A Dwarf on a Giant’s Shoulders

Africa as a continent has not progressed as one would have expected of a continent so blessed with numerous talents and abundant natural resources. This does not imply in any sense that other continents (North America, South America, Asia, Antarctica, Australia, and Europe) are a million years ahead. Development is a relative term. Each continent has a different history which has either enhanced or deterred it’s growth.

Image: Geographical map of Africa.

A lot has been said of Africa being the home of human civilization starting about 7 million years ago, having provided humanity with the first use of fire, tools, fishing, astronomy, and agriculture to list but a few.

The world’s earliest civilization, referring to recorded history, arose from Egypt. The African continent and black race in general has produced renowned scientists, professors, technicians, musicians and more who contributed in various ways to make the world a better place.

Nevertheless, the purpose of this writing is on the AU’s (African Union) general development of Africa rather than the individual contributions of its regional organizations.

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