Zidane says Sergio Ramos is the soul of his team

Sergio Ramos scored his 62nd goal for Real Madrid during the club’s last El Clasico against Barcelona, an incredible record for a center-back. And coach Zinedine Zidane says he has always known the player to be his team’s back bone. 

Madrid players, including the Frenchman, paid tributes to Ramos for saving the day.

With the post-match celebrations in Ramos’ honor, the defender performed another miracle in yesterday’s La Liga match against Deportivo La Coruna. He scored a last minute goal to keep Madrid’s campaign on course.

Ramos scored an injury-time header to not only salvage Madrid a 3-2 victory over Depor – one that set a new club record of 35 games unbeaten run– but also followed up his previous in the 2014 Champions League final, European Super Cup back in August and last week’s Clasico – Football Espana.

Zizou granted a post-match interview saying: “We know he has this, in recent times especially, he can almost always get things and we know how he can finish.

“I’m happy with all my players, they had a great game and although it was a bit difficult, we had a great game.

“We missed chances, but these things can happen. We must congratulate our opponents, they caused us problems, but we got the three points and victory, and they’re the most important things.

“When you make a mistake, you can pay dearly for it. It’s part of football, making mistakes.

“The only important thing is that you can react, and we did. It’s also very nice to win a match like this.

“When you are behind, you can only miss very little. You have to believe, the good thing is that my players always think they can get things. We’re happy.

“Faith since the final in Lisbon? I think that it comes with the club’s jersey. It has and has always had it.

“These players have an incredible energy and we know we can do great things, like tonight, and it’s thanks to the fans who help you.

“We missed some players, but those who played did so very well and that’s very important for the group.

“Invincible? We don’t believe this. One day we’ll lose, but the best thing we have is that our players know they can help themselves with work and positivity.

“Going 35 games without losing gives you strength, but we know how to suffer. If we need to suffer, we will.

“Sergio is special because it’s not the first time that he’s scored in the last minute. He’s our captain, the soul of this team and he’s always showing it. He never gives up.

“Ramos like Raul for his faith? They both have it, Raul in his time, he always thought he could do great things.

“Sergio is our captain today, and what he does is give energy to everyone. He always makes you want to give everything on the pitch, and that’s what everyone else does.

“You can mark him, but he’s clever and complicated to mark. He moves very well, the ball is remote-controlled to him.

“He’s always where the ball drops. Coruna are very good defensively, but he’s very good.”

Sergio Ramos in action for Spain.

Sergio Ramos has seen a club record 21 red cards for Real Madrid, but that shows the level of his game.

Luke Taylor, a blog guest for Football Espana wrote: “…That element of his game and personality is what makes Ramos such an exciting player to watch.

“There is nothing better than watching the Andalusian while his team are in desperate need of a goal. He will drive forward from the back to create opportunities for his teammates, and his fondness for a late, headed goal and the pure passion that he exhibits when the ball hits the back of the net is something you could watch over and over…”

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