Breaking News: Massive explosion reported at Flamanville Plant in Northern France

A MASSIVE explosion at a French nuclear power plant near the Channel Islands has reportedly left dozens injured.

The blast occurred at Flamanville plant in northern France.

According to initial reports there is no risk of contamination

Local media are reporting that the explosion occurred in the plant’s engine room and workers may be critically injured.

Emergency services are on the scene, but the extent of damage to the plant and injuries to workers is unclear.

The plant is located at Flamanville, Manche on the Cotentin Peninsula, near the British border.

The plant was build in 1987. Picture: AFP

The plant was build in 1987. Picture: AFP

The blast is said to have occurred outside the nuclear zone and there is not any nuclear risk.

Mayor of Les Pieux in Flamanville Jacques Lepetit told French media the situation, which happened at around 10am local time, had been contained.

The plant has been taken offline.

“The release of smoke is controlled, the operations are under control,” he told 20 Minutes.

“At present there is a deployment of heavy rescue and rescue facilities, but it is within the framework of the conventional device that is triggered at the slightest incident in the nuclear power plant.”

The plant has two reactors built in 1986 and 1987.

The plant is located at Flamanville, Manche on the Cotentin Peninsula. Picture: Google

A third reactor, which has been the subject of protests, is due for completion next year.

“It is a significant technical event but it is not a nuclear accident,” senior local official Olivier Marmion told AFP.

The incident could raise new fears about nuclear reactors after an earthquake hit Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in 2011, leading to a significant release of radiation.

Flamanville Nuclear Power Plant is owned by French energy giants Électricité de France.