Wrongfully Executed For Rape: Chinese Govt may approve $2m compensation for this couple

For a wrongful conviction and execution of a young man from Hebei, China, the government is considering a compensation amount valued at $2 million as his sorrowful parents requested.


Nie’s case attracted wide criticisms against the government and its legal structures after the ruling was recently overturned.

He was convicted 21 years ago.

However, on 2 December, the Supreme People’s Court (SPC) admitted that there were errors in China’s judiciary at the time of his judgement; and those shortcomings were responsible for Nie’s wrongful execution.

The young man who was 18 years old at that time was pronounced guilty of rape and murder in 1995.


Local media reports confirm that the SPC decided to carry out a thorough review of the 1995 murder after discovering that some legal violations were committed in error.

The governmental body cited “insufficient evidence, lost documents, and a confession found to be inadmissible because it was gained through torture, along with the fact that key details like time and cause of death had not been confirmed by the prosecution.”

“Two elderly people suffer through 21 years of humiliation and torment; compensation, an apology, restoring their son’s good name, it’s all not enough.”

“The ones in charge of this case should all be buried together in a grave beside Nie, even that would not be excessive. They deliberately murdered a person.”

“Nie’s father tried to kill himself and became disabled. Nie’s mother spent 10 years petitioning the government. Besides all that, an innocent man was put to death, 13 million is not enough.”

“21 years. Even 10 billion wouldn’t be too much,” a netizen wrote.

“The compensation is not enough. But the officers, prosecution and judge in the case who broke the law should be made to personally pay the bill.”


Revelations on the erroneous judgement first surfaced in 2005 when a man named Wang Shujin confessed to murdering the Shijiazhuang woman.

Liu Jinguo, a former provincial party leader and head of Political & Legal Affairs Committee at the time of Nie’s execution, was appointed to handle the investigations.

Unfortunately, the legal procedures suffered a huge setback after Liu was promoted and transferred to another department.

Ten years passed before Nie’s parents finally got a second chance at vindicating their son’s wrongful execution. A court in Shandong started a review on the case in 2014, but its foot-dragging prompted a takeover from the SPC last June.


Most Chinese citizens bemoaned the court’s lackadaisical attitude in its prolonged review of the case considering that it took only a month to convict and execute the alleged rapist.

On 14 December, Nie Shubin’s family submitted an appeal to the Higher People’s Court in Hebei province. They are requesting a total of $2 million as compensation for “death indemnity, funeral expenses, violation of human rights, and emotional traumas.”

A written apology from all the relevant departments which handled Nie’s case has also been requested, so their son’s good name can finally be cleared forever.

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