Woman says “men are f***ing dogs” after husband left her, regrets it when a friend revealed why

Bad things always happen in most sweet relationships no matter how much we pretend they don’t, and its a fact that some people erroneously think that taking to social media or publicly tarnishing their partner’s image makes them innocent but that’s where they get it all wrong.

Silence is golden, they always say.

And observers can easily spot that hollier-than-thou attitude when they see one. However, its rather unfortunate that most people would prefer to watch the unfolding drama instead of taking the responsibility to “fight for the oppressed.”

Karma is a bitch, they say too, something this self-elevating feminist learned the hard way after separating from her husband. She chose to blame him for her wrongdoings, expecting the poor guy to take all the heat with suave but it backfired – much faster than she expected.

In her Facebook post, the unnamed woman wrote: “Men are f****** dogs.” At first, some people tried to back up her ballsy claim until someone joined the conversation and explained why she was no better.

Scroll down to see for yourself what happens when a scorned woman becomes a hypocrite – one that resorts to calling the firefighters because that burn from the flaming fire, ignited by their infidelity, disloyalty, deceit, lies and consequential abandonment, was too strong for her to entertain in peace.










Talking about people who love to feign tears and profess loyalty to earn pity from family and friends, frosty 147 wrote: “The mental Olympics that some women, and probably some men, can do after a breakup are truly extraordinary.”

Another contributor understood the drama differently, saying he’s that kind of man who would gladly accept being referred to as “a dog”. He has a reason though.

 “Dogs are loyal to a fault,” he wrote, “sensitive to feelings and moods, adoring, playful and protective…”