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What Theresa May plans to do if Brexit plan is rejected again

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British prime minister Theresa May has ignored colleagues that had called for her to take the ‘no deal’ option, in relation to Brexit, off the table.

May on Tuesday said if her withdrawal plan is defeated again, she will allow a vote on whether to leave the EU without a deal, or to delay the exit date.

The British prime minister had received letters from parliamentarians urging her to abandon the no-deal exit, with some ministers threatening to resign if she does not.

May had to stare down this opposition on Tuesday as she put her proposal before the House of Commons.

If the vote on the withdrawal deal on March 12 fails as it did spectacularly last time it was put, parliament will be able to vote the following day, on whether to leave the EU without a deal or not.

“Let me be clear, I do not want to see Article 50 extended. Our absolute focus should be on working to get a deal and leaving on March 29,” May told the House of Commons Tuesday.

“I believe that, if we have to, we will ultimately make a success of no deal,” she added.

May met with European Union leaders at the weekend in Cairo but was unable to negotioate variations to the contentious issue of the backstop, a back-up plan to avoid a hard border in Ireland.

The British pound soared on the breakthrough. Around the New York close on Tuesday sterling was quoted two cents higher at 1.3258.

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