T.I. And Amber Rose Disclose The Craziest Places They Ever Had S∂x.

Image: Amber Rose from behind.

In Amber Rose Show which aired Friday, July 15 exclusively on US Weekly’s trailer, viewers were treated to X-rated talks between rapper T.I. and host Amber Rose. It was a hearty discussion between two consenting adults who chose to let the world know the craziest places they’ve ever had sex.

It’s still a surprise why Amber Rose and T.I. would go public with such details–a free world, maybe.

The VH1’s preview clip features Rose asking the rapper-actor to mention the craziest place he ever “hit that” but he was really shy to talk about his sexual escapades in public.

Image: Amber Rose

“What’s really crazy, you know what I mean?” T.I. demurs. “I don’t want to bore you.”

The 35-year-old was reluctant to talk about his most daring whopee, but not until Rose, 32, offered to expose a tip from her sexcapades first.

She said: “All right, one of the craziest places that I’ve had sex was, like, in a restaurant bathroom.”

The curvy model, however, didn’t say who exactly was the lucky guy.

Image: Amber Rose and Kanye West.

Since that revelation was made public, there’s been speculations that it could be Kanye West [both separated in 2010 after dating for two years] or ex-husband Wiz Khalifa with whom she has a 3-year-old son Sebastian.

Image: Rapper-Actor T.I.

Following Amber’s confession, T.I. suddenly got in the mood to chat. He said: “Oh, I can top that — the dentist.”

“In the dentist’s office?” She asked trying to get the actual fact. As if that question wasn’t direct enough, she added: “Wait, but was it in the dentist’s chair?”

“I don’t think that’s a part of the question — I answered the question,” was all the rapper could say, probably having the feeling that anyone who knows about his dentist could grab the lead.

Eyebrows have been raised on the two celebrities, especially on the anchor of this new Reality TV Show VH1.

Could Amber’s lucky guy be someone apart from Yeezy and ex-husband?

Amber Rose Show airs on VH1 Fridays at 11 p.m. ET.

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