Surgeons at FMC Umuahia record their first kidney transplant

FMC Umuahia, a prestigious general hospital located in the heart of Abia State’s capital city, successfully carried out its first kidney transplant on 8 December, 2017.

According to a Facebook user Chinanu Ndumele, who took to social media and shared his joy for this landmark achievement, his brother-in-law was part of the medical team.


The patient had suffered 3-year complete cessation before medical doctors at FMC conducted an operation which finally provided surgical relief.


“While we were talking about Jerusalem and Commissioner of Happiness, the first ever kidney transplantation in Southeast Nigeria was going on at FMC UMUAHIA Abia State,” Chinanu wrote on his FB page.

“Alas, the urine has flown, after 3 years of complete cessation. This is history. I am really excited and proud my brother-in-law was part of it. Dr Chime Ichi kwala ochi taa?”

FMC Umuahia

Congrats to the hardworking surgeons at FMC Umuahia.