SHOCKING! 5-year-old raped and killed in India

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The international reputation of India took another dive on Friday as news broke of the abduction, rape and murder of a 5-year old girl.

The latest attack took place in the country’s largest city Mumbai, also known by its former name Bombay.

The girl was snatched from her home, a pavement shack, in the Mahim neighbourhood of Mumbai early Thursday morning. She and her parents and three siblings were asleep at the time.

When it was discovered the five-year old was missing police were notified. A search resulted in the discovery of her body near the road a short distance away. A medical examination revealed the girl had been raped.

Mumbai Police Deputy Commissioner Vikram Deshmane has told journalists it is suspected that only one person was involved. They are currently examining CCTV footage from nearby buildings.murder

A number of high profile cases in recent years of abductions, rapes and murders of children and adults has shocked India and the world.

The National Crime Records Bureau detailed 39,000 reported cases of rape in the country in 2016 equating to a rape every 13.5 minutes.

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