Man disappointed with Tinder date, asks for a refund

A Tinder user who felt disappointed with his internet crush after a night out, reportedly asked the girl to refund him the cost of her drink.


According to reports from the United Kingdom, he got in a terrible mood after their night out came to nothing but didn’t want to be ‘a total loser.’

For the woman, it was a simple matter and nothing that should warrant such an irresponsible behavior. She admitted that both of them didn’t have any chemistry at first sight, but that was after the boy had already bought her an expensive drink. So, he gently requested a defrayal.

“I think it was a fun evening and I paid £8.30 for your drink,” the boy wrote.

“I thought you would want one of the ordinary drinks…I paid for my drink £1.75, I paid £8.30 for your drink,” he added.

“This is too much…You drank a huge bottle at the first meeting and I paid this, I didn’t have to pay for it…Please pay this back.”