Make me feel important

How you make people feel when they meet you is more important than what you say to them. Importance, is a feeling everyone wants to have, whether personally, in a relationship, family or even in an organization.

Do you know that we consciously react to what people say to us, but most times unconsciously react to how they made us feel especially for the first time? And it sticks to our subconscious mind.

This particular fact has made many people suffer from depression, inferiority complex and even loneliness. Some with potential gifts and creativity shy away from opportunities because they already have this erroneous feeling that they aren’t good enough, they don’t fit or even have a class, from previous encounter with some people.

Looking at it from the business sector now, do you know that a customer well taken care of, could be more valuable than a million dollar-worth of advertisement?

In conclusion, pretend that every person you meet daily has a sign around their neck that says, “Make me feel important.” I hope you do so.

*Written by Jennifer N. Elendu for Meziesblog

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