Devastated dog learns to trust humans again after suffering cruelty from negligent owners


Cala, a guard-dog in San Jose, Costa Rica, learned the hard way that building trust is harder than losing it but, thankfully, she stayed alive to encourage humans and animals.

While animal lovers around the world treat their dogs like their own children, many people heartlessly subjugate these lovely and amazing creatures to some unnecessary hardships of life. Cala was an example of man’s inhumanity; the unfortunate puppy was chained up—for an undisclosed reason, in a way she could hardly rest her breathe or rest her head.


Cala endured the inhumane condition after she took ill and her owner didn’t want a visit to the vet. She was abandoned to die without food or care but, fortunately, luck smiled on her when concerned neighbors took decisive actions.

According to a report from Dodo, neighbors who knew about Cala’s pitiable condition told police and the animal shelter Territorio de Zaguates that she had been indoors for many years. The authorities confirmed this report after the pup was rescued.

Lya Battle, who founded Territorio de Zaguates, said Cala was taken in and treated for malnutrition, wounds and emaciation.

‘I was shocked after receiving Cala’s picture which showed her a pitiful creature robbed of its dignity and sentenced to death,’ Lya told the news outlet.

‘That was a devastated dog who had no option than to wait for death…She suffered a never-ending nightmare.’

Talking about Cala’s new-found energy, Lya said her healing process was very slow because, despite the initial torture, she still had to endure pains from humans who had the responsibility of treating her wounds to aid recovery.

‘…The gash in her neck was caused by years of having a tight metal chain hanging around her neck,’ Lya noted. ‘She was in a really bad shape before her rescue.’

Animal cruelty is a common occurrence in many countries around the world. In June 2018, a large number of Costa Ricans were arrested for attempts at killing their dogs with poison sausages. A total of 16 dogs reportedly died from such attacks, but Cala defied death.

Lya revealed that Cala’s survival was probably because of her size. The dog suffered some neurological problems but eventually responded positively to treatment. She now lives with a host family and has learned to get along with new humans and dogs alike.

‘It was very hard, but after many years of neglect, torture, and imprisonment, Cala is gradually shaking off some of the puppy misbehaving process out of her system,’ Lya said. ‘She is doing just fine—happy, willful, strong, a bit stubborn.

‘Yet, she [Cala] is being pampered and “spoiled” by her foster mom and family.’

Lya’s animal shelter, Territorio de Zaguates, has been applauded for rescuing hundreds of endangered or homeless dogs and showering them with affection.

‘This rescue is an epic battle of good against bad and of hate against love,’ she said about Cala’s recovery, adding that in the end, as it always does, love wins.