Court acquits man who killed his male lover in self-defence


A man in Dublin, South Africa, has been released from jail after court found him innocent of a murder he allegedly committed in May 2016.

Desmond Duffy.jpg

Image: Desmond Duffy

Local news reports confirm that Desmond Duffy, who lived in Somerville Park in Rathmines before his arrest, shared home with his male partner of 36 years. Police found the deceased, Desmond O’Sullivan, strangled to death in their love nest.

Mr Duffy, now 70 years old, was acquitted after court declared him innocent, with claims that the accused person acted in self-defence.

In his response to questions during the court trial, Mr Duffy told prosecutors that Mr. Sullivan put him through mental, physical and emotional abuse, adding that he tried concealing the sufferings because Mr O’Sullivan, who he usually referred to as Dessie, was also a “good man” in some ways.

On the date of Dessie’s murder, Mr Duffy told court that it was traumatic night because he had just returned home with his partner after bingeing and, for no justifiable reason, Mr. O’Sullivan started raining punches on him.

‘…Dessie suddenly became verbally abusive and started beating me,’ the accused person said. ‘I begged him to stop but he didn’t listen…Then, for the first time, I had to fight back.’

The “innocent” murderer continued, ‘In an effort to get him away from me, I pushed him back and later wrapped my hand around his neck.’

Mr Duffy claimed the self-defence act was never intended to hurt or end a man’s life.

‘I was devastated and heartbroken by what happened…It is a trauma that will stick with me for life.’

According to News 24, the acquitted killer sobbed in court and blessed himself after the judge delivered final judgement on Tuesday. Before leaving the dock, Mr Duffy also showered praise on his attorney, Caroline Briggs, who he said will forever live in his heart.

“No comment,” Mr Duffy told reporters who threw questions as he exited the Criminal Courts of Justice.