Chinese Lawyer stripped naked in Court by Security

A Chinese lawyer named Wu Liangshu was battered and stripped naked by a group of lawless bailiffs at Qingxiu District People’s Court in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Province.

The legal practitioner told reporters that he was there to submit a legal document.

According to his statements, as confirmed by China Today, the lawyer was asked to make a payment for which he demanded a receipt.

He says the court staff declined issuing a receipt with the claim that he had secretly recorded their conversations when asked to make a deposit.

This allegation was denied, but guards had to subdue him on instructions from the court official who ordered them to strip Liangshu naked. They successfully confiscated the evidence but not without leaving him bruised.

The legal practitioner said his defense that court prosecutors had no warrant to search him fell on deaf ears. They assaulted him within the court premises before letting him off like a mad man.

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