China confirms plan to establish a nuclear tech university

China Nuclear Tech University

The Chinese government has laid down plans to establish its first nuclear technology university.


According to a report from, the university will focus on conducting intensive research on nuclear technology with the aim of providing solutions that meet growing demands of the nuclear industry.

The news outlet confirmed on Wednesday that China National Nuclear Corp (CNNC), a reputable company and one of the country’s largest investor in nuclear technology, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Tianjin municipal government. The purpose of their agreement is to jointly invest in establishing a nuclear technology university in Tianjin.

Speaking to newsmen on the partnership business, He Zixing (Vice President of CNCC) said, ‘The higher institution will concentrate on launching a vocational education system and upgrading school equipment.’

An increasing shortage of nuclear scientists in China, as well as the country’s recent achievement in the nuclear power industry, are the inspiration behind this business venture between the government and CNCC.

When completed and functional, the academic institution will become China’s first ever university devoted to research and development in nuclear technologies.

CNNC says it has plans to fund a new high-end industrial development base in Tianjin as its developmental contribution to the city’s industrial restructuring project.